Meteor Crater Enterprises

The Meteor Crater campus, situated at the historic meteorite impact crater site, commissioned us to undertake an expansion and renovation project for their existing facilities. The primary objectives were to create a new gift shop and a ride experience room, as well as to develop a comprehensive master plan for enhancing the overall user experience across the site. Over the years, the campus has seen numerous additions and renovations, presenting accessibility challenges due to its vertical landscape. Completing this initial phase allowed us to architecturally unify the existing buildings and strategically lay the groundwork for future projects


While designing the interior of the gift shop, we worked closely with the staff to design the retail fixtures to meet their current and future needs.

  • CLIENT Meteor Crater Enterprises
  • WORK New Construction, Remodel, Addition
  • CONTRACTOR Loven Contracting Inc.
  • LocationMeteor Crater, Arizona
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