Mark Carrell

Mark Carrell, an independent consultant specializing in project redevelopment, has had a huge impact on our practice starting virtually from our beginning. Mr. Carrell has tackled projects in so many categories, it’s hard to keep track. Most recently we assisted him in the redevelopment of three very large manufactured home communities in Florida – two

Meteor Crater Enterprises

The Meteor Crater campus is an interesting mix of building styles that started in the mid-fifties. We were asked to design an expansion to the visitor center to tie all the existing buildings together while providing a new gift shop, event center, and restaurant facilities. The first phase, including the new gift shop & ride

Fort Mojave Indian Tribe

The Fort Mojave Wellness Center is a new facility designed to provide tribal members the ability to improve their health through better exercise and diet routines. The facility will offer a multi-court gymnasium for basketball and volleyball with an elevated running track around its perimeter. Areas are also provided for circuit training, free weight use