Surgical Center Sovereign Healthcare

When representatives of Sovereign Healthcare approached our firm more than a year ago to design a surgical center in an existing office building, the constraints could hardly have been more daunting. Limited space, outdated mechanical systems and minimal plumbing facilities at the Union Hills address were just a few of the challenges to be overcome.

The space was located in a building that was not designed for healthcare use. Rather than find reasons that the space wouldn’t work, we identified the challenges and produced what we feel is one of the most efficient designs possible for an outpatient surgical facility.

Formed in 2003, Mission Viejo, CA-based Sovereign Healthcare, The Physicians’ Partner, is a group of seasoned healthcare professionals whose combined experiences and skills contribute to innovative solutions for complex healthcare environments.

Steve Cooper, Project Architect for the facility, thoroughly reviewed the Facility Guidelines Institute’s (FGI) Guidelines for Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities, along with all other applicable codes & ordinances, and met with officials from the Arizona Department of Health Services to explore all options. The result is a fully functioning facility with two Class B procedure rooms and all the necessary support facilities – in a space measuring only 5,300 SF.

Patient flow has been carefully arranged to allow users to access the facility easily while the behind-the-scene duties of nurses and doctors can be conducted in a very efficient manner. All new mechanical systems were specified and a diesel generator was installed to meet all safety regulations.

It is reported that outpatient surgery centers continue to yield better outcomes and less complications, and dramatically lower infection rates than outpatient surgery done in a hospital environment. The Union Hills Facility, is proud to provide unsurpassed levels of patient care in the Pain Management arena.

In its definitive Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) the National Institute of Building Sciences treats the subject of space utilization for what it terms “Clinic/Health Units” in some detail. Excerpted below are portions of its commentary on the growing demand for outpatient surgical center.