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Fort Mojave Wellness Center, Fort Mojave Indian Reservation, Mohave Valley, Arizona

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Fort Mojave Wellness Center is a facility focused on the continued health benefits that diet and exercise provide to its tribal members.  The facility will offer a multi-sport court gymnasium with an elevated running track around its perimeter.  Additional areas are fitness focused; including free weights, fitness equipment and growing in popularity TRX cross fit stations. Other rooms hold a multi-purpose function along with a lap pool and spa.  Classrooms and a teaching kitchen are also integrated into this facility to encourage a holistic approach to health.  Support areas also include Children’s services, a juice bar and a laundry.

Owner: Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
Site Acreage: 5.3
Sq. Ft.: 48,598 sq.ft.
Contractor: A.R. Mays Construction
Estimated Start Date:1/2/18
Estimated Cost: $8,000,000.00